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JRC Science for Policy Report (2021)

Ciambra, A., European SDG Voluntary Local Reviews: A comparative analysis of local indicators and data, doi:10.2760/9692, JRC124580.
JRC Science for Policy Report (2020)

Barbero Vignola, G., Acs, S., Borchardt, S., Sala, S., Giuntoli, J., Smits, P. and Marelli, L., Modelling for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Overview of JRC models, doi:10.2760/697440 (main) 10.2760/108956 (annex), JRC122403.
JRC Conference and Workshop Report (2020)

Marelli, L., Barbero Vignola, G., Acs, S., Giuntoli, J., Sala, S., Smits, P., Report on the workshop "Modelling sustainable development and SDGs. How JRC modelling can contribute to the SDGs framework", JRC122362.
JRC Science for Policy Report (2020)

Borchardt, S., Buscaglia, D., Barbero Vignola, G., Maroni, M. and Marelli, L., A sustainable recovery for the EU. A text mining approach to map the EU recovery plan to the Sustainable Development Goals, doi:10.2760/030575, JRC122301.
JRC Science for Policy Report (2020)

Siragusa, A., Vizcaino, M.P., Proietti, P. and Lavalle, C., European Handbook for SDG Voluntary Local Reviews, doi:10.2760/670387, JRC118682.
JRC Technical Reports (2019)

Miola, A., Borchardt, S., Neher, F. and Buscaglia, D., Interlinkages and policy coherence for the Sustainable Development Goals implementation: An operational method to identify trade-offs and co-benefits in a systemic way, doi:10.2760/472928, JRC115163.
JRC Conference and Workshop Report (2019)

Giuntoli, J., Marelli, L., Report on the workshop "SDGs in JRC modelling support to the EU policy cycle. How adopting the SDG framework in JRC modelling work can contribute to better coordinating EU economic, social, and environmental policies".
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Localising the Sustainable Development Goals.