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Mapping models to SDGs aims to facilitate and improve the use of models for sustainability assessment of EU policies in the SDGs framework. It helps policy makers to identify the appropriate models for the definition and the assessment of specific policy options.

The mapping considers all the models present in MIDAS (the Modelling Inventory and Knowledge Management System of the European Commission), which are currently run and maintained at the Joint research Centre (JRC). The model description was analysed for each of model, focusing on the aim, the content, the main output, the policy role and the impact areas that the model can help to assess. The links between the models and the SDGs were identified by experts through textual analysis, and confirmed by the modelers. The overall structure of the SDGs, organized by goals, targets and indicators, guides the mapping, considering both UN and ESTAT indicators, in order to capture the global framework of the SDGs.

For every goal, the mapping provides the list of models that can contribute to it and explaining how, which targets they address, and if they are able to measure in a quantitative way the achievement of the goals. It also offers technical information about every model, on model type, modelling approach, spatial and temporal dimensions, models’ outputs and how they can be linked to EU/UN SDGs indicators.

The mapping is based on the information available in MIDAS and collected through workshops, questionnaires and surveys, which involved more than a hundred modelers and experts across the JRC.

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