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The SDGs provide a comprehensive, integrated development framework. There are potentially a large number of synergies and complementarities among the different SDGs and targets. An international debate and multiple research efforts to identify possible synergies and trade-offs between goals and targets is underway.
Policies improving a specific dimension can generate impacts in other dimensions, with a large set of possible cascading positive or negative effects. Interlinkages can be context dependent or general, apply locally, nationally or globally and become effective in the short but also in the long-term.
This platform provides a tool to visualize the cumulated interlinkages from a set of publications, to quickly see and understand for which interlinkages there is strong agreement in the literature.

Explore the Interlinkages visualization tool.

The EnablingSDGs tool facilitates policymakers in the identification of interlinkages - synergies and trade-offs - and interactions between different SDGs, assessing impacts of different policy choices, highlighting second-order effects and potential unintended consequences of the policy proposal.
This tool is essential to collect expert evaluations (from policymakers, scientists and other stakeholders) and engaging them in a dialogue to map the key interactions across SDGs (synergies and trade-offs) in a specific context. The identification of interlinkages is key to recognise impacts of different policy choices and to identify areas where an assessment of implementation gaps needs to be conducted. It can also identify contexts where research is needed either to understand an interaction or to develop appropriate interventions.

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