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The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted unanimously by United Nations (UN) Member States in 2015, aims to address some of the main challenges that affect both developing and developed countries. The Agenda marks an international effort to address sustainable development using a holistic approach. It contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 Targets that integrate the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability in a systemic way.
The European Commission, which has long embraced sustainable development, is committed to mainstreaming SDGs and their targets across all its policies and programmes. This is laid out in the 2016 Communication Next steps for a sustainable European future - European action for sustainability. Ongoing and future efforts are discussed in the 2019 Reflection Paper towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030. Moreover, in the Political Guidelines of the Commission 2019-2024, President von der Leyen attributes a central role to the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs, making sustainable development the keystone of European policies so that Europe can lead the Green and Digital transitions. The role of SDGs is also highlighted in the 2020 Commission Staff Working Document "Delivering on the UN's SDGs - A comprehensive approach".
The successful implementation of this framework requires a coordinated and coherent approach, for which structured knowledge management tools are needed.

The KnowSDGs (Knowledge base for the Sustainable Development Goals) is a web platform that provides tools and organises knowledge on policies, indicators, methods and data to support the evidence-based implementation of the SDGs.
It offers interactive tools to help you explore
    • how EU policies relate to the SDGs,
    • what SDG interlinkages are and how they can be identified,
    • which modelling tools are available to look at the SDGs through a quantitative lens.

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